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Dec 13, 2016

Call for Master Students: Erasmus Mundus Master Program: ‘Crossways in Cultural narratives’

Selected and supported by the European Commission, the Masters Programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives offers an integrated programme feeding on successful programmes run locally in the Universities of the Consortium.


Deadline for Application for Scholarship is open till 20.1.2017,

 otherwise applications are due to 20.5.2017 

The Crossways in Cultural Narratives Master students follow a mobile study itinerary over 2 years. They study in 3 European Universities chosen from among the ten making up the Crossways Consortium. List of Consortium can be found on the website:

The Final Crossways Master Degree takes the form of a multiple degree, which means:

  • One Diploma Supplement issued by the coordinating university and listing all your academic achievements during the programme in accordance with the Bologna standards,
  • Three fully-recognized "national" Master degree certificates issued by the universities where you have studied (as associate members, UNER and UIA deliver certificates of study, but not degrees), and a
  • Crossways parchment.

Annual registration fees for this masters are 3,500€ for Programme Country students, which includes the Balkan region.

This program offers scholarship opportunities.

Please note that the programme will not propose Erasmus Mundus scholarships for 2017-2019. Instead, fee scholarships (scholarships which cover the annual registration fees) will be awarded to 3 non-European applicants.

For more information, please follow the link:

Students who are interested in applying for this program should visit the IBU International Relations Office for details regarding application procedures and paperwork.