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Apr 03, 2016

Call for Mevlana Exchange Program 2016/ 2017 Applications

Apply for Mevlana Exchange Program 2016/ 2017


You have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters in Turkey, studying on one of the universities from the list: LIST

Criteria for enrollment are GPA score and language proficiency:

Bachelor students: minimum GPA score is 2.5 on scale to 4 (on scale to 10 is 8)

Master students: minimum GPA score is 3.0 on scale to 4 (on scale to 10 is 9)

Student exchange candidates should deliver the filled Student Application Form, Student Candidate Application Form, and Internal Nomination Form to the department, before April 13 2016.

Departments will inform the International Relations Office about selected candidates.

Forms are HERE


Amount of scholarship for Mevlana Exchange students coming to Turkey is 420 TL per month, which is used to pay the dormitory and food expenses.

Students studying in their first year at associate or bachelor degree, and the students of preparation classes and scientific preparation programs of graduate degrees, cannot participate in this program.


For the exchange of academic staff, all information can be found on the official YOK Melvana Program web site. http://www.yok.gov.tr/web/mevlana

IBU professors should prearrange their engagement on one of the host universities from the list with direct contact to relevant department. After that, International Relations Office will start the procedure.

Duration of academic staff exchange ranges from 1 week to maximum 3 months