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Dec 09, 2016

Scholarships for PhD studies and postdoctoral research

The SI programme offers about 4 scholarships for the year 2017/2018 for part of PhD studies and postdoctoral research in Sweden.

The scholarship application call for the academic year 2017/2018 is open from 1 November 2016 to 10 January 2017.

The SI Scholarships for the Western Balkans Programme aims at supporting advanced level studies and research within the field of social sciences in order to forge closer links between the Western Balkans and the European Union, and to contribute to strengthened democracy in the region.

The scholarships are intended for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro and Serbia conducting part of their studies/research in Sweden within the field of social sciences with a special focus on any of the following thematic areas:

  • democratic accountability
  • gender equality, anti-discrimination
  • human rights, tolerance, minority groups
  • independent media
  • pluralistic civil society
  • rule of law
  • transparency, anti-corruption

Candidates belonging to any of the following categories may apply:

  1. PhD student, applying for a part of his/her ongoing PhD studies to be carried out in Sweden (12 months maximum).
  2. Postdoctoral researcher, with priority given to holders of a PhD degree from 2012 or later (12 months maximum).

The scholarship is free of tax and amounts to SEK 15,000 per month for PhD students and SEK 18,000 per month for postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists. The scholarship cannot be prolonged or extended.

For more information please visit the website