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An International Relations Office Day hosted at Burch University
Mar 23, 2017

An International Relations Office Day hosted at Burch University

The International Relations Office of Burch University organized and hosted an International Relations Office Day on March 2017.

The purpose of the organized day was to showcase our achievements, programs, opportunities for student and staff exchange, and the rules associated with these exchanges. The event was a big success with many students and staff members from the different faculties of International Burch University attending the day to receive information about the office.

It was our great honor to also invite Mr. Suad Muhibić, the Head of the Erasmus+ Office in Sarajevo, who gave a speech about 30 years of Erasmus+ and 20 years of Erasmus+ in B&H. His speech was very informative in terms of Erasmus+ programs and the processes involved.

Additionally, Senior Teaching Assistant, Professor Ensar Mekic, and student of IBU, Abdulmalik Begovic, who had participated in Erasmus+ exchange, shared their experiences with the audience and received positive reactions. Their speeches were especially enthralling as they spoke of their time at different institutions, and the knowledges they gained.

The aim of this event was to provide IBU students and staff members with information about the International Relations Office and its procedures, and the opportunities available. The event was a great success as students and staff members were informed about the many possibilities and showed great interest in participating in mobility.