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Call for 3E+ International Summer School at Wrocklow University of Science and Technology
Feb 25, 2017

Call for 3E+ International Summer School at Wrocklow University of Science and Technology

3E+ stands for Energy, Environment and Electronics. But it also stands for Extra Experience, Expanded Education and Effective Evolvement. Do not forget the + where Enjoyment, Excitement and Entertainment fall!

3E+ offers 60 hours of interactive, small-scale courses (max. 10 students). They are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. This year they propose the following courses to choose from:

  • Acceptance and operating tests of electrical installations and devices, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Combustion technology for the power industry, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering
  • Power Quality, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Programmable Logic Controllers PLC, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Python "Hello World" to Django Website for Internet of Things application, Faculty of Electronics
  • Quality control and technical evaluation of building and civil engineering structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Solar energy systems, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering
  • Thermal comfort and renewable energy for low energy buildings, Faculty of Environmental Engineering

3E+ also offers Polish language and culture course. ‘After hours’, almost every afternoon and evening, we deliver a wide range of activities. From City sightseeing tours, sports activities to all day trips outside the City of Wrocław.

When: 3- 28 July

Where: Wrocław University of Science and Technology (WUST), Poland

How: For application or any additional questions please contact [email protected]

Application deadline: 30th April

Fee: 740 Euro (included: tuition, accommodation, lunches in students’ canteen, welcome and farewell dinner, trips, events, social and sport activities).

For more information, please contact the International Relations Office (Block A).