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Call for PhD students for a full-time (1-year) internship in Nokia Bell Labs,Belgium
Feb 20, 2017

Call for PhD students for a full-time (1-year) internship in Nokia Bell Labs,Belgium

Nokia Bell Labs in Belgium is inviting PhD students for a full-time (1-year) industrial internship in the area of future indoor networking: "Internship - Design of indoor networks for autonomous operations-16000006PA".

The key challenge of this internship is to develop autonomous and smart indoor access nodes based on advanced concepts of artificial intelligence. They strive to develop autonomous nodes by exploring sensing and learning mechanisms. The work is closely aligned with laboratory efforts in advanced prototyping, with a view to provide major refinements in the understanding of autonomous indoor networks, and the design tools for engineering applications. The work requires excellent analytical and experimental skills, and includes collaborations with Bell Labs in USA, Finland and Ireland. 

Eligible applications will be assessed on the applicant’s 

  • qualifications,
  • experimental aptitude,
  •  technical skills,
  • communication skills,
  •  motivation for the project.

Duties & Responsibilities are:

 1)Develop prototyping platform for smart indoor networks and implement novel planning and optimization algorithms

 2)Perform experimental and simulation proof of concepts to transfer concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) into future indoor networks

3) Contribute to integrated 5G system design, controlling and architecture

4) Participate in technical documentation, journal/conference publications and patenting


Qualifications and Skills - must have:

1) Master degree with distinctions and/or currently enrolled in PhD program.

2) Excellent and extensive (embedded hardware) laboratory experience with prototyping/testbeds: USRBs, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, emulation with ns-3 and MATLAB, R/Java/Java script/HTML/XML, C/C++ and Python).

3) Excellent knowledge of artificial intelligence, intelligent agents and optimization (examples: machine intelligence, autonomous and adaptive systems, cognitive systems, neural computing, evolutionary systems).

4) Excellent knowledge of machine learning and data analytics (examples: big data analytics, data science, social media analytics, predictive modeling, high dimensional data mining, video and visual analytics, data visualization, human computer interaction, robotics).

5) Good publication record: top-tier journals/conferences.

6) Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

7) Fluent in English (oral and written).

 Good to have*:


*Knowledge of Wi-Fi networks: architecture, protocol design, system modeling, optimization and analysis.

 CHECK-LIST FOR THE APPLICANTS (information to accompany your CV) 

√ I fulfill the legal work permit criteria in Belgium for non-EU citizens and I am below 30 years old.

√ At this moment I am enrolled in PhD program.

√ I have a very strong background in software development, prototyping and experimentation with embedded hardware.

√ I fulfil criteria’s 3)-5). Please provide details about such research works and academic transcripts.

√ I understand the project description and it interests me. Enclose a half-page comment on the project, relating it to your own experience and vision, education and career goals.

√ I speak and write good English. Illustrate in your application.

How to apply?

Via Linkedin or Nokia Carriers (search for 16000006PA to apply).Please upload in a single document your CV, alongside the additional documents requested above in the checklist.

Also please send copy of documents to Haris Gacanin ([email protected]).