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Millenium Campus Conference 2017
Aug 22, 2017

Millenium Campus Conference 2017

WHAT IS MCN? Millennium Campus Network is an organization that unites and trains a new generation of social impact leaders on university campuses. The network has grown to include 5,500+ alumni from 300 universities worldwide (with alums now working at the United Nations, USAID, as well as their own social enterprises)

A two-minute video on MCN can be found here.

MCC17 is the ninth annual conference, which has previously been hosted at the United Nations, Harvard, and MIT.  This year, for the first time, they are taking their annual conference abroad - to Rabat, Morocco. 

Priority deadline for submitting your applications is September 16, 2017, and registration's deadline is September 23rd. By submitting your applications before these dates you will be paying $99 as registration fees. If you miss these dates you can still join us at MCC17, by making sure to submit your applications before October 16, 2017, and registrations before October 23rd, but in this case, the registration fees will rise to $119. 

Learn more by checking their website and apply here.