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Open Position for One Master Student, Germany
Oct 25, 2017

Open Position for One Master Student, Germany

A position for one student from International Burch University is available to participate in the International Masters of Landscape Architecture programme at University of Applied Sciences during the summer semester 2018 and the winter semester 2017/18 (for a total stay of 12 months).

The summer term starts at 15 March and ends 31 July 2018.
The winter term starts 1 October 2018 and ends 15 February 2019.

The student should be available to arrive in the first week of March.

The Erasmus+ programme grants a monthly payment of 800 Euros. In addition a one time payment of 275 Euro for travel expenses will be granted to the candidate.

The cost of housing will be approximately 300-350 Euro per month.

A full coverage health insurance is necessary to study in Germany.  A travel insurance is not sufficient. The cost of the insurance will be approx. 95 Euros per month.

Students at HSWT pay a semester fee of approx. 130 Euro each semester as a contribution to the student union. This payment is due before arrival and has to be paid via bank transfer.

To find out more about the host university please follow the link.

If you have any further questions at this point, please don't hesitate to contact our office at block A.