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Staff Mobility for Danube University Krems Austria
Apr 02, 2018

Staff Mobility for Danube University Krems Austria

During summer 2 mobilities are offered for 10 days in the frame of preparation for the late summer school in Telc, the Czech Republic, which is intended for September.


30. May 2018 - Energy Consulting

- Topic: Basics of Building Physics on examples of energy efficient architecture (Technological and architectural solutions for increasing building energy efficiency)
- Form and Duration: Input Lecture and possible workshop - 8 Hours

between 1.-3. June 2018 - Light Membrane Structures

- Topic: free to choose
- Form and Duration: Short Lecture or Workshop - 1-2 Hours

between 4.-9. June 2018 - Revitalisation and Refurbishment - Architectural design and planning

- Topic: Urban Ecology, Urban Design
- Form and Duration: lecture and workshop - 8 Hours

If you have any question, please visit our office at block A.