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A small GENIAL in Zagreb - Join the landscape forum in April
Jan 28, 2019

A small GENIAL in Zagreb - Join the landscape forum in April

The landscape group from Zagreb University has worked hard over the past months for preparing the 8th LE: NOTRE Landscape Forum titled Learning Landscapes. Like every year, we will explore the urban landscape in interdisciplinary teams of local and international landscape enthusiasts.

The forum is an interactive event with plenty of room for discourse, collaboration, and encounter. Its goal is to support the vision and mission of the European Landscape Convention.

 Highlights of the 2019 Zagreb Forum:

  • We will kick-off a new cross-cutting working group on Landscape and Economy
  • We will collaborate with the H2020 nature-based solutions research project proGIreg and their living lab in Sesvete, a suburb of Zagreb
  • We will discuss best practices at city region scale with the example of the RheinMain Regional Park and the Frankfurt Green Belt in Germany (keynote)
  • We will reflect on the role of the European Landscape Convention in Southeastern Europe (keynote)
  • We will apply a multi-scale approach combining reflections on an overall landscape vision with place-based solutions for green infrastructure, urban agriculture and landscape democracy.
  • The heritage group will focus on the multifaceted values of socialist modernism with the example of Novo Zagreb
  • We will organise a roundtable on the role of landscape architecture for society in reaction to the recent cutting down of the landscape architecture profession in Croatia.
  • Our final roundtable and forum outcome statement will be addressed to a wide local audience in the sense of a transformative science approach.

Be part of the Zagreb landscape story! This forum gives you a unique opportunity for combining a visit to an interesting European city with deep insights by local experts, colleagues and engaged citizens.

For more information please click here or visit the International Relations Office in Block A.