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Oct 07, 2019

Call for Erasmus + Student Mobility to ISAG Business School in Portugal

Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão (Higher Education Institute of Administration and Management) is a private polytechnic institute of higher education, founded in October 1979 by ESE - Ensino Superior Empresarial, Lda., and recognized by the Ministry of Education (Decree-Law nº375/87, of 11th of December). The main objective is to provide technical and cultural education and training in Management Sciences, Tourism, Hospitality and Applied Languages in the northern region of Portugal, through a teaching philosophy and practice that prepares students to perform highly qualified professional activities. Bearing this in mind, we pay continuous attention to the needs of Portuguese society and economy, especially in what regards to European integration and market globalization.

International Relations Office of IBU is proud to announce a call for student mobility for spring semester 2019/2020 at ISAG Business School in Portugal.

Number of available places: 2

Eligibility: students of MAN (1st and 2nd cycle)

Deadline for application: end of October.

Mobility period: Spring semester 2019/2020.

For more information please contact IRO ([email protected])