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Oct 11, 2019

Call for Erasmus + Student Mobility to University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Netherlands

University of Applied Sciences Leiden (abbreviated as UAS Leiden; Dutch: Hogeschool Leiden), is a vocational university in the western Netherlands, located in the city of Leiden. It currently has approximately 12000 students, mainly studying towards associate and bachelor's degrees. The school also offers master's degrees in nursing.

International Relations Office of IBU is proud to announce a call for student mobility for spring semester 2019/2020 at University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Netherlands 

Number of available places: 2

Eligibility: students of MAN 1st cycle, students from 2nd and 3rd year of undergraduate studies

Deadline for application: end of October.

Mobility period: Spring semester 2019/2020.

For more information please contact IRO ([email protected])

You can download your Student Nomination Form here (scroll down) - https://international.ibu.edu.ba/en/outgoing-applicants/forms.html